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The session with Mistress Magdalena was a wonderful experience.  She is professional, courteous and even more beautiful in person.  Her knowledge of the scene is impressive. The location is safe and the space is very clean. I look forward to my next session with her.



Mistress Magdalena is incredible!

Words cannot even describe how amazing she really is. On top of being stunning, she is also very smart and intuitive. I am a beginner in this realm and she guided me perfectly in our first session together. She knew the exact buttons to push and I know over time, she will be able to keep pushing my limits and opening up greater experience. I would highly suggest everyone sessioning with her, whether you are a beginner or an experienced sub. She left me feeling euphoric!

Thank you Mistress Magdalena



From the moment I entered Mistress Magdalena's presence, I knew that I was in the presence of a professional and there was no doubt who was in charge.  

Upon arriving at the Dungeon, I was greeted and had a temperature scan for safety reasons and then told to kneel and given my instructions. After the initial formalities I was ordered into the Dungeon area where I was inspected and placed in restraints before being ordered to crawl behind her to the Dungeon where I was told to lie down on my back. My arms were stretched above my head and wrist fastened together around a bar. My ankles were then secured and I was stretched with no hope or desire to escape.  

The session progressed from there and all I can say is wow, Mistress Magdalena in all her beauty stood over me and took me to places I have never been before in Sub space. She truly knows her craft and ways to extract exactly what she wants from her captive. 

MISTRESS is a true professional and is safe sane and only plays with consent of both parties, her attention to my safety throughout the session was evident as she was consistently checking my limbs for any issues with the bondage and I have never felt safer than I did with her as my captor. 

MISTRESS Magdalena is a true professional and I highly recommend her to anyone who is truly looking to submit to a powerful Goddess.  

slave socks


I saw this perfect/amazing mistress in philadelphia and it was amazing I will definitely be back for more training! 



Mistress Magdalena is a real gem. I came to her originally for support with my PTSD. She would handcuff and tie me up (hogtie me) and take me to sub space with guided meditation. She is great with ropes!

Now, I come every week to receive training in ejaculation control and how to be a more satisfying lover for my wife. I am learning bdsm techniques to share with my her and still get tied up to help with PTSD and learning to control my mind. I can’t wait each week until my session day with Magdalena. It is the highlight of my week and I cannot believe how much I have learned! I am now having good sex again with my wife and everything is improving.
She is the best!

Jim E.


Magdalena is the first Domina that I’ve met, and the Gods of fate were indeed kind to me!
Would you like to spend quality time with a stunningly beautiful woman?
Do you appreciate intelligence, independent thinking, and talent? Maybe you enjoy feelong special, and appreciated?
Perhaps you prefer some pain with your pleasure?
Magdalena sets the mood by inviting you into her place with a genuinely warm and friendly smile, and things only get better from there. Her location is clean, and smells nice.
I felt completely safe meeting her there. Gentle music, pleasant fragrance, and subdued lighting set the mood for a voyage to complete ecstasy.
She will find your limits, and push you right to the edge before pulling you back again. I left feeling intoxicated by a totally satisfying session, and I look forward to visiting her again.

Devotee G.


Magdalena exercises discipline with a skill level that raises one's experience to what can only be described as a spiritual level of intensity.  As time seems to grind to a halt, an artfully customized combination of equipment and accessories are employed to produce some completely (and thankfully)unforgettable memories.

slave SS


Dear Domina Magdalena 

Because my time training with you has been so freeing and has allowed me to be a better person, Working with you has truly been one of the highlights of my life. I wanted to share my enthusiasm for your good works.

I have searched through most of my life for the perfect Mistress/Dominatrix to meet my need for discipline and to explore/stretch my limits in the BDSM world.

Domina Magdalena is the culmination of that search; I have found the Mistress of my dreams.

As Headmistress of the Academy Domina, she embodies the discipline, intelligence, empathy, and personality to take any willing student to the sub-space he/she desires.

If you are lucky enough to learn under Domina Magdalena’s control, you will truly experience what should be one of the “bucket list” items of your life.

I can not thank you enough for all that you do. 




Mistress Magdalena is a wonderful Mistress/Dominatrix.  She is smart, sweet and pretty.  MM is very skilled and knowledgeable in her field of work.  Mistress M. will pull you in and make sure that both, you and her will have an enjoyable time.  After a session with MM you will leave happy and satisfied.  You will be looking forward to your next session with her.  Mistress Magdalena always practices cleanliness and safety.  She always does her best to fulfill one’s wants and needs.  Mistress M is very considerate.  I believe one of the most things I like about having sessions with her is that I never know what is planned or in store next.  I like “living on the edge”, so to speak, that way.  Mistress Magdalena has a mesmerizing way of wanting a person to come back for another visit.  

-Slave W


Mistress Magdalena, 

I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to be in your presence today. You are by far the most professional Mistress I have visited and I have seen at least a dozen different Mistresses. Wow is all I can say! It is going to kill me waiting for our next time together. Again, thank you for the privilege. 

Your humble sub,



What a tremendous experience. I was lucky to see the Priestess at 9am.  I arrived with breakfast as directed.  She was dressed casually as she arrived only moments before I did.  Even in casual clothes I knew I had hit the jackpot.. She was Stunning.  Her pictures don't do her justice.  Her personality was equal to her looks which seems impossible, but true.

After the initial pleasantries this wonderful Domina directed me to do some light chores while she prepared to mesmerize me.  When I had completed my tasks she summoned me to a room where I saw her in all her Dommedom.  OMG. She was incredible, she does not have a single flaw. Every inch is perfect.... Her feet perfectly manicured. And toes perfectly alligned.   She was everything I hoped for and is forever everything I dream of. My search is over! 

-Slave R


I feel very fortunate to serve Mistress Magdalena.  She is stunningly gorgeous, has a comforting personality, and is extremely professional.  She definitely knows what she is doing, and it’s clear she has a lot of experience.  If you want to be completely dominated like i do, you won’t be disappointed.  She gives me the punishments i crave while still respecting my limits.  She provides a safe and clean space for me to serve her.  She has a wide variety of pain implements, bondage gear, and other toys.  She always delivers a great session tailored to my specific kinks, and I trust her completely.  I leave each session completely satisfied and desperate for my next one.  I only wish I could serve her more often.  10/10. 

Slave A.


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