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Magdalena Domina


Title: Mistress or Priestess

Current Location: Gainesville, Florida

Measurements: 32 D- 25 - 35

Shoe Size: 7

Panty Size: Small

Corset Size: 24

Dress size: 4



I am Magdalena Domina. My friends call me Malena. You will refer to me at all times as Mistress unless otherwise instructed.

  • Who am I?

  • I am thousands of women,  . . .

  • multiple beasts,  . . .

  • every element,  . . .

  • and numerous temperatures and tastes.

I am eternally youthful and as old and ancient as the first Temples of venery where Kings and Emperors served gratefully at My feet. 

I remember those Temples well, . . . the smooth marble beneath My toes, the scent of sandalwood and myrrh, the way light danced across lapis lazuli pillars and gold plated statues with the flicker of undying flames.


And now, thousands of years later, I have incarnated into this body and form. Conceived in an Austrian Monastery, born and raised in Germany (and then later in the US).  A natural redhead with amber/green eyes (yes, freckles too).  Tall, and wickedly strong.
A High Priestess, Shaman, Warrior Queen, and petulant Princess, My depth and range will leave you speechless, as there are truly no limits to the spectrum of My capacity when it comes to playing with boundaries, roles, and masculine/feminine energy dynamics. I LOVE every bit of it!



A natural-born kinkster, My initiation into the realms of dominance and submission began at the ripe age of 15. I was formally trained in early adulthood at an elite Philadelphia dungeon in the late 1990s.
An insatiable learner, I like to have things my way. You will not be able to take your eyes off my beautiful face and body, and that is fine. I have no intentions of holding back on all of the wicked fun we can have together. I enjoy a true submissive, one who is strongly driven by their thirst to satisfy Me in any way they can.

If you are not naturally submissive but would like to embark on a kinky journey with Me nonetheless, I would still be happy to consider your polite requests. However, remember that I am a High Priestess and you must treat Me as such if you wish to have My reciprocal respect and support.

I am passionately dedicated to my role as fantasy facilitator and providing an unforgettable experience in erotic exploration.  I am as strict (and sometimes cruel) as I am gentle and compassionate. Seductively sadistic, I stay in complete control to ensure your most satisfying sub experience. 
Within moments I can identify your weaknesses and any areas you are hemorrhaging power and either train you to plug those leaks and hold your power, or drain you of it completely.


Transformation is my beloved.
Discipline, my best friend and devoted servant. 
I have zero tolerance for rude or poor behavior and you may find Me quite unforgiving in matters of obedience and armor-meltingly merciful in areas of complete vulnerability. I can hold all of your pain and fear in the palm of My hand.
I got you.

I adore training new pets and slaves, as well as sissies. Feminization thrills me, as does your full submission under My reign and power. You will delight at the infinite ways I can lure you past thresholds of pain and pleasure, preparing you for the apex of your experience in fantasy exploration. 

You will quickly entrust Me with your deepest and darkest secrets, for this is the gift of a true High Priestess: 


Are you ready to serve Me?




















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