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I am Mistress Magdalena Domina,
Head Mistress of The Academy Domina.

My friends call me Malena.
You will refer to me at all times as Mistress or Priestess unless otherwise instructed.

Who am I?

I am thousands of women
and multiple beasts...



My power is to transform and
to push limits of possibility.

 My desire is to expand your capacity and break you… open—wide open. Not to cause injury or harm (I do nothing without consent), but to fully explore the delicious dynamics of power exchange and submission.

 My goal is to expose your weaknesses and deficiencies, challenge you towards new levels of obedience and discipline, and reveal your full range of submission and servitude. I accomplish this through expertise of the erotic art of denial, impact play, confinement, feminization, mental manipulation, and other various coerced/forced role-play scenarios.


I provide a safe, impenetrable, and unquestionably trustworthy crucible of protection and power; through which can you fully surrender, sacrifice your ego, and rise from the ashes of your wounds: transmuted and transformed.

 Transformation is my beloved. 

Discipline, my best friend
and devoted servant. 

 I require and refine obedience, impeccable manners, financial oblation,
and full attentiveness from all who wish to serve Me.


This is how you demonstrate your ability to serve Me, please Me, and set yourself apart from the rest.  Your goal is to hone your focus and comply to My every demand to meet My full satisfaction.

 Submit to Me and you will emerge disciplined, present, awake, aware, and with the greatest peace and presence you have ever experienced. You will quickly entrust Me with your deepest and darkest secrets, for this is the gift of a true High Priestess:  

Complete TRUST, LIBERATION and deep, lasting TRANSFORMATION. 

 Welcome to The Academy Domina




The Academy Domina – Dedicated to Discipline

Let your training begin . . . .


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