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I am Master-Servant!

I am the Master of your darkest fantasies. A native German speaker and active member of the international kink-scene for over 20 years, I conduct sessions in both German and English. Just imagine how helpless and inferior you would feel tied up and unable to understand what your Dominants are saying to one another...

I enjoy mind games, bringing you into deep subspace... allowing your body to feel the pain you desire and deserve.

Tease and Denial while transforming you into the slave, servant, sissy, pet (whatever) you crave to be, is one of my favorite games.

Couples and submission training are My specialties.

It is My pleasure to push your boundaries and limits using the many tools and skills acquired from My decades of experience.

Let your training begin...




The name says it all. A Master of service and Master of servants. The relation and play between the two is extraordinary: Intuitive improvisation with intense patience and presence, flexibility with great clarity. Having experienced the dungeon and environment provided by Master-servant, it shows that a great amount of care and attentiveness is invested in the furniture as well as the attitude of management. Thank you for a great experience and opportunity. I look forward to future developments.





The Academy Domina – Dedicated to Discipline

Let your training begin . . . .


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