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Welcome to The Academy Domina
...where we hold the keys to unlock
the fulfillment of your most secret desires...

Are you undisciplined? Unfocused? Out of Control of yourself? Desperate to serve?

Here, at The Academy, We know what you crave and what you NEED.
This is Our expertise and dedication.


We realize this is quite exciting and highly stimulating, so We encourage you to take a deep breath and give yourself ample time to go over the entire website.

Carefully review the
Registration and Admissions page as well as the Academy’s Code of Conduct before filling out the Service/Enrollment Application.


Before you leave this page, consider this:

There is no intimacy without vulnerability.


The satisfaction you receive from your session depends on your willingness to submit, let go, open up, and surrender.

 Remember: your FEAR is the pathway.

Rather than resist your FEAR, let it guide you.




You can experience the intimacy you crave without fear of rejection or misunderstanding however, your full participation is required.

We will guide you expertly - to the limits of your boundaries and even beyond them - and in order to do this ethically and with the utmost finesse, your service to The Academy Domina must be a relationship of mutuality and respect.

Communication and honesty are vital in any relationship and essential if We are to build the necessary TRUST that makes this training irreplaceably delicious and delightful.

 So, without breaching Our Etiquette and with the utmost of respect, tell Us in detail what you yearn for most. We will never shame you for disclosing your desires. Indeed, We will never shame you for anything -unless you expressly request it!

“Normal” is just a setting on your dryer. Rest assured, your unabashed honesty and attention to details will DELIGHT Us!

Please Us with your openness, vulnerability, sincerity and obedience and you will be rewarded.

Displease Us and you will be punished. 

Our terms are Simple, Unapologetic, and Non-negotiable.


The Academy Domina – Dedicated to Discipline

Let your training begin . . . .


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