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Academy Rules and Code of Conduct

Be clean. 
We expect good hygiene and strongly suggest showering prior to Session. Facilities are available upon request. An enema prior to anal play is recommended to ensure you get the best from the session and is an enjoyable introduction, however you can douche instead if you prefer.

Please ensure you are hair free for all anal activities. 
If you are new to this We’ll talk you through the process. 

Respect is required at all times, as is honesty about your requirements and limitations.

What we say goes - ALWAYS.
If We dislike your behavior you will be suspended or possibly expelled. 

If you turn up intoxicated you will be suspended or possibly expelled. 

Inform us of any medical conditions in advance, this is critical 
(see Service/Enrollment Application).


Arrive on time.
Not before as We may still be with a client. 

Tardiness must be communicated. A quick text is required.  Time missed will be deducted from your overall session, so again, BE ON TIME.

Poor behavior is not tolerated.
All no shows will be recorded and suspended from future enrollment. 
However, written appeals (with apology and gift) may be submitted for review if your absence was the result of an actual emergency AND you are willing to prove you are taking this opportunity seriously.


Be polite.  
This cannot be stressed enough.
Ignorance is not a justification or excuse for improper behavior.



Be honest. 
Tell Us a little bit about yourself including your interests, recounts from previous sessions, kinky scenes, and Mistresses/Doms you have served in the past. 

Messages with a fake e-mail and/or phone number will be deleted without reading. We know when they are fake. We are in control and know more than you may realize.


Be patient. 
We only enroll patient students. 
Respect Our time and attention and We will deem you worthy of its presence.

Hassling Us will receive no response. Ever.


Absolutely NO:




The Academy Domina – Dedicated to Discipline

Let your training begin . . . .


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